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Do you want to study in Europe? IELTS will help you get there.

Did you know that thousands of Bachelor’s, Masters and PhD programmes across Europe are either fully or partially taught in English? Many European higher education institutions – including a large number of private and state universities – accept IELTS as part of their English language entry requirements.

IELTS is internationally recognised and accepted by many universities offering courses taught in English, so it’s still relevant if you’re planning to study in your own country.

Employers, professional bodies, and government agencies across Europe also accept IELTS as an accurate reflection of your ability to understand, read, write, and speak English. 

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Studying in the Netherlands

Did you know that the Netherlands continues to rank among the happiest countries in the world, coming in fifth in the recently published World Happiness Report 2023?

It also boasts great links to other European countries, giving you the freedom to travel whilst studying. With lots of destinations to choose from, you could spend the weekend in Berlin, Paris, or Brussels. 

Don’t speak Dutch? Don’t worry! 95% of the population speak English meaning it’s easy to communicate and there are lots of courses (over 2,000) taught in English at universities in the Netherlands.

As well as offering lots of opportunities to learn English, the Dutch are well known for their interactive and student-centred approach to teaching, meaning students develop a range of skills from problem-solving to creative thinking.

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Studying in Germany

Germany boasts many cultural experiences, from Octoberfest in Munich, carnival in Cologne, to historical sites in Berlin, there’s something for everyone. 

If you choose to study in Germany, you can take advantage of its central location in Europe and travel visa-free around the whole Schengen area. It’s also one of the world’s cheapest countries for international students as public universities don’t charge tuition fees, only small administrative or semester fees.

Many German universities, especially universities of Applied Sciences, emphasise practical learning and collaborate with businesses to offer students real-life work experience and internships, ensuring their graduates are prepared for the business world.

IELTS is a preferred proof of proficiency in English at German universities.

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Studying in France

Exploring France as a student can help you develop a worldly perspective and an appreciation for other cultures and history. Renowned for its culture, cuisine, art, and nightlife, it is an attractive destination for international students. 

It also has great connections to nearby countries, offering you the opportunity to explore more of Europe and beyond. When it comes to education, France offers a great multicultural and sociable study experience with more than 1,600 English courses available. 

IELTS is well recognised by leading French universities, private colleges, and other higher education institutions as well as private employers and government agencies (including ASEP) as a trusted indicator of an individual’s ability to communicate in English.

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Studying in Italy

Students choosing to study in Italy will enjoy delicious food, culture, history, as well as a friendly welcome. Travelling around the country is easy and relatively cheap, allowing you to discover Italy’s beautiful coastline or enjoy major cities such as Rome, Milan, Naples and Venice by train or bus.  

Italy is a great international study destination and is known for being an education hub of Europe. Universities in major cities such as Rome, Bologna, Milan and Florence offer an extensive choice of courses taught in English. Students can even choose to study courses with a mix of English and Italian coursework. 

IELTS can help you pursue your dream of studying in Italy.

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Studying in Spain

Spain is a unique and varied country with one of the best climates on the planet. 

Spaniards are community-oriented and are known for their friendly and welcoming nature, making it a great place for international students looking for a home from home. 

With 76 universities, 45 of which are run by the state, Spain offers plenty of choice for international students. Its innovative and commercial minded approach to teaching makes it a popular study-abroad destination, attracting nearly 100,000 international students every year.

Considering studying in Spain? IELTS can help you pursue your dream. 

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